Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Guardian

Some of our blogring's members were written up in The Guardian this morning.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Anonymous Work Blogs

Do you blog from work anonymously? Do you complain about your working conditions, colleagues and bosses? Then you should join the Anonymous Work Blogs blogring and blog with people just like you!

Disclaimer: By joining this blogring, you exempt the owner from responsibility if you should happen to get dismissed from your job.

Anonymous Work Blog Members

  • The Report Card - A teacher's battle against the idiocy of his colleagues and the administration.

  • UniSpeak Lossy - Musings from the land of Academia in the computing district of the UK

  • Random Acts Of Reality
  • - The day to day life of a London Ambulance EMT.
  • Cop Talk
  • - A cop in the USA, his family, his job.
  • Call Centre Confidential
  • - UK call centre team leader, on his way to Bombay
  • A Policeman's Blog - A journey into the world of the underclass of the UK

  • lit lover - Life in the US as a high school teacher

  • Ranting Teacher - Teaching life in the UK

  • Life under the microscope - An NHS Scientist

  • Trails And Trivialities - Workplace gripes and stories by an overqualified employee working in a henhouse.

  • That's not a bug, it's a feature - Life of a computer programmer in the finance industry.

  • Real E Fun - tales from a non-religious funeral celebrant.

  • Tales from the chalkface - Stories, anecdotes and observations from the front-line...the front-line of teaching in England that is... Any spelling or grammatical errors found on this blog must be reported immediately to the DfES! .

  • Brummie Blogs - Birmingham (UK) secretary, mother to teenagers, ex-wife, and partner to barking mad Yorkshireman ... sanity long gone, only a gibbering sense of humour remains.

  • An Organisation Without A Memory - Working in a hospital

  • Umm... Yeah - Wally getting transformed into a pointy haired boss; insider stories from a management school in India

  • Rest Area 300m - Confessions of a New Zealand Road Worker

  • Walking the Streets - Diary of a Local Authority Traffic Warden. One Wardens view of what it's really like on the other side of the Parking fence.

  • Mental Nurse - The journal of a mental health nurse working in and around the NHS.

  • Change it up - The diary of a nearly burnt out social worker in America!

  • Anonymous Coworker
  • - A running commentary on the things that amuse me, sometimes in and around the office.
  • The Supervisor of Customer Service Hell
  • - Stories of woe from the inner circle of a call center..
  • Brian's Brief Encounters
  • - A Metropolitan Police Fanzine.
  • The Station Log Book
  • - Diary of a London Underground Station Supervisor.
  • Sandy's UK TEFL blog
  • - Dishing the dirt on England's tacky TEFL trade!
  • The Man on the Clapham Ambulance

  • Retail Record - This site records the stupid things that customers and employees do in a retail setting.

  • Another Day at the Office - A little look at the workings of the mytown police force from a special perspective. There are no forms to fill out or supervisors to please! ANY COMMENTS ARE MY OWN, NOT MY FORCES POLICY!!

  • borderline teacher - I am a French teacher in a secondary school near Bristol. Away from school, I also self harm and am a recovering alcoholic. This blog is about that dichotomy.

  • CAD Monkey in the Cubicle Jungle - A healthcare architect sells out, joins a corporation, and rots away in a cubicle.

  • The Man on the Clapham Ambulance

  • The Dinner Lady - What understaffing, cost cutting and the trend for 'Healthy Eating' is doing to school dinners and the kids that eat them. (And a few grumbles about providing it.)

  • da blogThe musings of a young English English (that's not a typo) teacher in France.

  • Don't quit your day job- A collection of smart-ass comments, blonde moments, and the journey of a 30-something who has finally decided what she wants to be when she grows up - an EMT.

  • Nee Naw - Blog of a dispatcher at London Ambulance's Control Room

  • The Station Log Book - Diary of a London Underground Station Supervisor

  • The MacMedic - The ramblings of a husband, father of three, Paramedic, Mac Geek, and aspiring musician on topics ranging from life to work and beyond.

  • Daisy Land - Stories from work in retail made humorous from their annoying beginnings. I may be just a girl who folds clothing all day, but I'm also making fun of people, one stupid customer at a time.

  • Seldom Updated - Middle management hell.

  • Pip Pip Student Midwife - tales of a midwife in training

  • Paramedic Journal: A Year on the Streets - A chronicle of a year in the life of a paramedic.

  • Collections & Tracing - A debt collectors inside view - because my belief is that no one knows the bible better than the devil himself!

  • Serving The Underclasses - The thoughts and musings of a part time student cashier at a major bookmakers in the UK.

  • Chronicles of a Paramedic/ Probie Firefighter - Days go by. My life as a medic/ probie firefighter. From life in general, the calls I run, to the B.S. with dispatch

  • The NHS Confessional - Notes on my nursing and things of interest to me.

  • The Station Log Book - Diary of a London Underground Station Supervisor.

  • Sensei-Katana - Reporting In From 30,000ft. Life in the RAF, from training to posting to beyond.

  • Tales of Mongo - I'm 18 and I work for a P.O.C. Fire Dept. and unfortunately for the time being I'm a S.E.O. at an undesclosed locaton. I live my life how I want to live it I was raised Catholic until I reached the age of reason.

  • NHS BLOG DOCTOR - A sometimes light hearted, sometimes serious and occasionally cynical look at life in the British National Health Service (NHS) and at health care the world over

  • Waitress on Sea - This is a blog about waitressing. It is one girl's story of waitressing in a tourist town at the height of the busy season.

  • Cough The Lot - Tales from the work of a thirty something UK copper in suburbia.

  • Coworker Stories - Stories about crazy, funny coworkers. People we have all worked with that make us wonder what they are thinking!

  • Anon Work Blog Blogring Alumni

  • Diary of a Fast Food Life - Life at Burger King in the UK

  • Anytown NHS Trust - An NHS employee's view on things from the IT department.

  • Office B!tch

  • Local Hero? - Blogging from the Buckinghamshire County Council

  • Webdeisgndude - Life in the world of web design.

  • Council Girl - My life working in a Council Local Authority as a Customer Services Officer! I deal with anything from complaints with bins to dog poo! Oh and then there's the Housing Benefits claiments....

  • Call Centre Guru - The life and times of a call centre minion.

  • bizgirl: international librarian of mystery - libraries: where highly educated information professionals are forced to interact with information-deprived numbskulls. And that's just in the tea-room.

  • Dearie Me - Life on the bleeding edge of the UK's IT industry

  • Cirque du Bizarre - Three workmates in a financial office somewhere in the UK

  • It's life but not as we know it - Diary of a miserable scientist in the UK